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People are complicated.  That’s why making the right decisions about business leaders and key employees can get complicated. 


Evaluating and understanding executives requires more than just quantitative information.  It requires insight into ‘why’ and ‘how’ your key people do what they do.

Despite the proliferation of ‘quick and easy’ online assessment tools, many investors and business leaders need more individualized information and understanding before they make critical leadership decisions. 


They come to us when they must know “What makes this person uniquely suited (or not) to handle a particular role or challenge?” or  “Does this person's motivational profile make them a ‘good fit’ for our company?”.

"Instead of standardized descriptions that apply to millions of people, we deliver accurate, nuanced, individualized assessments of key executives and leaders."

- Ron Evans, Managing Partner

We offer investors, board members, CEOs and business owners critical insights into the people who drive enterprise value and shape the work environment.

Whether you are hiring, promoting, or assessing talent across a company or across your portfolio, you need to make the best decisions, both for the individual and the organization.  We give you the insight and understanding to make great choices.

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We work closely with investors throughout the full life cycle of a deal, providing support and guidance during each phase: Pre-deal Due-Diligence, Portfolio/Build and Grow, and Exit/Sales Support.  This 'game plan' empowers investors to make superior business decisions leading to enhanced enterprise value.


Our rigorous position analysis and criteria development guides our sourcing of prospective candidates regionally, nationally, or globally.  We provide in depth assessment of candidates relative to the position and to each other, and work closely with you through the offer, background screening and on-boarding phases.


We help you decide: Who to promote?  When?  How to tailor your succession plan to the strengths of your key leaders.  Evaluate the cost/benefit implications of promoting your top performers.


We help companies objectively and rigorously compare and contrast candidates generated by other recruiting firms as well as internal candidates.


We engage with CEOs and other leaders to discover and leverage their inner strengths and core motivations to drive growth and enhance enterprise value.

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