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Private equity funds ranging between $50-$500 million use our pre-acquisition due diligence and post-acquisition support for their portfolio companies. 

These investors want to thoroughly understand the leadership of potential acquisitions before they close the deal, as well as accurately gauge what it will be like to work with company leadership and management after they close.

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We work with family owned companies that strive for excellence in the selection and development of their executive ranks.  We also help families prepare for generational succession in company leadership, and can assist with facilitation when needed.  Our client experience spans a wide range of industries, processes, services and technologies.

Merger and acquisition. Management team.


We help Venture Capital Investors accurately size-up the strengths and weaknesses of founders and the start-up team.   This includes identifying and planning for talent needs at each stage of growth and/or inflection point. Critical to our approach is helping founders find their best role in the company that leverages their innate strengths and motivations.

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Our Industry experience includes: manufacturing, CPG, beverages, packaging, banking, industrial materials, agriproducts, coatings and distribution.
Our Technology experience includes: Internet of Things (IoT), InsurTech, FinTech, Cyber Security, Biotech tools & Life Sciences, and eCommerce.
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